Fontys University of Applied Sciences

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Country: the Netherlands
City: Eindhoven
Erasmus Code: NL EINDHOV03

Of interest to students from:

  • Computer Engineering

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About the university

Fontys is the largest exclusive university of applied sciences in the south of the Netherlands. Our mission: to provide inspiring, challenging and outstanding higher vocational education and to conduct practical research that is truly meaningful to society. Our education, and the research we carry out, is directly in line with current and future demands and needs of our students, the professional arena and (regional) society. Together with our partners, we want to formulate the questions of the future, put them on the agenda, pursue them and where possible, provide a solution.

Experience has shown that international students often require additional attention and guidance to make them feel at home and to make studying at Fontys a positive experience. After all, these students are already taking an enormous step by coming to the Netherlands. For most of them, this is an unknown country and they have to become acquainted with the educational institute and the Dutch educational system as well as starting their study programme - all within a short period of time. This is not always easy, especially when you consider that in addition to organising their study, the students also have to organise all kinds of practical matters in the Netherlands and build up a (new) social life and network. International students' stay abroad (as part of their studies) comprises four phases: arrival, the start of studies, the remaining study period, and departure.

Guidance by Fontys focuses mainly on the first six months, as this is the period during which international students particularly require additional support and guidance. After all, the culture shock students experience already starts before they leave their own country, which results in tension and insecurity.


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