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Wold Wide EPS Meeting


The Polytechnic School of the University of Lleida considers the process of internationalization of the center a key aspect. On the one hand, for its own establishment and strengthening as a reference center. On the other hand, for the professional future of its students. This process allows us to face the future with optimism and a global and open vision of the world.

The future professionals who have arised from the Polytechnic School must be able to face their future job challenges with the maximum guarantees of success, understand and visualize in a global way the authentic and excellent job opportunities that are offered on a European and global scale.

This desire for internationalization focuses on four main lines of action:

  • The internationalization of the institution in all its action fields (teaching, research and transfer). 
  • The internationalization of all members of the university community.
  • The internationalization of reserach and transfer.
  • The consolidation of solid and high quality international destination for our students.

Precisely, this last line of action is the one the World Wide EPS Meeting is framed.

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