Universidad Autónoma de Nayarit

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Country: Mexico 
City: Tepic

Of interest to students from:

        • Industrial and Automatic Electronic Engineering
        • Computer Engineering
        • Mechanical Engineering
        • Chemical Engineering

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About the university

The Autonomous University of Nayarit, is a public institution committed to the comprehensive training of upper-secondary and higher-level students, the generation, preservation and dissemination of knowledge from all areas of knowledge, as well as the extension of services, promotion of culture and artistic manifestations; with a high sense of social responsibility, principles and university values for the development of a sustainable, more just, equitable and democratic society.
This university is recognized nationally for its quality and for being an institution open to change, innovative, transparent, democratic, inclusive and socially responsible for its role as the highest house of studies in the state, educator of professionals with deep disciplinary knowledge and solid awareness of their work as citizens, generator of knowledge, disseminator of culture and promoter of the free discussion of ideas, their public and autonomous character symbolizes two transcendental references of their activity and makes their mission possible to a great extent.


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